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Thursday 8 February 2018



  • fatal emergency unique to spinal cord injured patient
  • a/c,massive, disordered autonomic (sympathetic) response to specific stimuli in patients with spinal cord injury above T6 -8 level (sympathetic outflow)
  • chance of occurrence
    • cervical cord injury 60%
    • thoracic cord injury 20%
  • stimuli can be
    • bladder / bowel distension (MC)
    • skin stimuli (pressure ulcer/sun burn)
    • other causes (menstrual clamps, labor, sexual stimuli etc.)
    • lower urinary tract instrumentation, catheter change, catheter obstruction
    • clot retention
  • condition resolves quickly if stimulus with drawn
  • stimuli carried by intact peripheral sensory nerves to spinal cord
  • this stimulates sympathetic plexus
  • leads to peripheral vasoconstriction – BP increases
  • baroreceptors respond to increased BP – sends message to brain stem
  • brainstem in turn stimulates vagus – decreased heart rate and inhibit sympathetic message via spinal cord
  • inhibitory message can not reach sympathetic system as cord is injured – BP remains elevated


Clinical features
  • stuff nose, nasal obstruction
  • ponding headache
  • increased BP, bradycardia, arrhythmia
  • flushing of body above the level of cord injury with sweating
  • blurring of vision
  • cerebral hemorrhage or seizure d/t increased BP
  • MI
  • potentially fatal but reverse quickly if stimuli withdrawn
  • remove stimuli quickly
  • sublingual nifedipine to reduce BP
  • alpha or beta adrenergic blockers for a/c management
  • prevent further occurrence

  • frequent pressure relief in bed / chair
  • avoid sun burn / scald
  • comfortable clothing
  • good catheter management
  • good bowel care
  • endoscopic procedures done only in GA or SA
  • sympathectomy / sacral neurectomy / sacral rhizotomy / cordectomy / dorsal root ganglionectomy
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