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DNB Orthopaedics  MS Orthopedics  MRCS Exam GUIDE -

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Friday 30 March 2018


Bed sores or decubitus ulcer

  • results over a bony prominence – following ischemic loss of tissue – due to extrinsic pressure
  • lack of mobility
  • lack of protective sensations – as in paralyzed individuals
  • absence of vasomotor reflex – poor muscle bulk and tone
  • metabolic abnormalities
  • poor nutrition – anemia – hypoproteinemia – delayed wound healing
  • skin atrophy
  • pressure over a bony prominence over 2 hours continuously can initiate the insult
  • skin becomes emphysematous – reversible if correct action taken
  • persistence of pressure – tissue is compressed between bony prominence and external force – ischemia results
  • required pressure – as low as two times the capillary filling pressure – 2x35 – 70mmHg
  • ischemia further progress – necrosis – tissue gets infected – liquefaction
  • muscle, s/c tissue, bone, skin : varies in resistance to external pressure
    • muscle least resistant – necrosis earlier
    • bone changes are : infection of underlying bone – reactionary bursa etc.
  • Anatomical distribution
    • Hip and buttocks : 70% (ischeal tuberosity – trochanter – sacral )
    • Rest of lower limb : 20% (malleoli – heel – patellar – pretibial - popliteal)
    • Rest of body : 10% ( occiput – forehead – nose,chin, ear – scapular – elbow – back )
Staging : National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Classification
  • Stage I : Intact skin – impending ulceration – reversible
    • blanchable erythema to non blanching erythema
  • Stage II : partial thickness loss of skin – abrasion – blister – superficial ulcer
  • Stage III : full thickness loss of skin and s/c tissue
  • Stage IV : skin and s/c tissue + muscle, bone, tendon, joint capsule – osteomyelitis – sinus tracts – severe undermining ulcers
  • osteomyelitis
  • septicemia
  • internal organ injury by eroding into rectum or urethra
  • Prophylaxis
    • good nursing care – frequent position changing – avoid skin rubbing or shearing while changing position
    • air / water bed
    • skin care : ethyl alcohol – talcum powder – gentle massage to improve circulation – eliminate moisture
    • nutrition : high protein – high calorie – high vitamin diet
    • catheterisation or condom drainage to avoid soiling with urine
    • avoid fecal contamination
    • early fixation of fractures – aids mobilization – reduces pain
  • Treatment
    • Acute phase
      • control infection
      • contain the area
      • debride all necrotic tissue surgically and with H2O2
      • local wound care with saline / providone iodine
      • systemic antibiotics have NO proven role
      • all dead tissue has to be removed – no fresh slough appear – the undermining has stopped
    • Definitive
      • replace tissue loss with similar tissue
      • should be done when ulcer starts to contract
      • only dermis and epidermis loss : SSG
      • Deep ulcers (floor is formed by bone) : flap
        • flaps
          • can be : skin + s/c tissue - skin + s/c tissue+muscle – muscle+SSG
          • must have good blood supply
          • enough bulk to cover the tissue loss
          • flap donor site should be such that primarily closed or by SSG
          • Sacra bed sore
            • local bilateral

              V-Y flaps
            • rotation flaps
            • both based on gluteus maximus
          • Trochanteric bed sore
            • TFL flap – can cover areas up to 15x40cm
            • based on terminal br of lateral circumflex femoral artery

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