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Wednesday 11 October 2017

Review of dnb Orthopedics course at Baby memorial hospital, Kozhikkode, Kerala

Review of dnb Orthopedics course at Baby memorial hospital, kozhikode, kerala by Dr. Kavil Hrishikesh

best hospitals

Baby memorial hospital, Kozhikkode, Kerala
3 general units plus one arthroscopy unit.
 OP general - 50-100 patients per day
 Trauma in emergency
Major 2-3 per day
Minor 4-8 per day
 Cutting chances are minimal
 For 2 yrs mostly closure
2 chances of PFN
1 chance of tibia nailing
Stipend 44,000 per month
 They cut taxes
Working hours 8 AM to 5PM
If late by 15 minutes for 3 days in a month, one day salary is cut.
 Punching system
 Working environment is relaxed with a full fledged emergency department. Lots of time to study. Good library. Not with lots of books but good enough for an average student.
 Very good theory with classes by experienced faculty.. Retired medical college teachers and DNB examiners.
 2 primary and 2 secondary DNB admissions per year
 This year pass % is 33.3%
 Last year it was 100%
: Theory almost everyone passes first chance
 I will recommend this institute for good academics and relaxed work. Good teachers.
But case load is very low for orthopaedics and only minimal cutting chances Good exposure to pelvic and spine surgeries but arthtoplasty cases are very few. Basically it is observational learning of surgery
Spine surgeon has recently left the institute. 😞
 Dr. Hrishikesh
Secondary DNB
Baby memorial hospital, Kozhikkode, Kerala
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Ten points about your institute.
Hello Dear Doctor, we are writing a review article on your institute for orthopaedics..please contribute.. send us a small essay or fill the following form.Due credit will be given to your name.Main points to be covered are
1. Abt how ur department functions load.
3.cutting chances
5.working environment.6.working hrs.
7.passing rate
8.academic program
9.And most importantly whats points lacking in your centre , that you would like to have implemented.(points against)(cons of your institute)
10.why you would recommend this centre to your juniors (points in favor)(pros of your institute)

 Please mention your name, institute name and your email id at the bottom.Thanks for your wonderful and empathic endeavors.

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